Compare RAM 1500 Dimensions

Twelve-monthly vehicle fan inquiry tends to make carmakers generate new types with already boosted performance, sundry functions, and also dimensions. Should you be curious about the last one and tackle the question of how to size up what dimensions your own RAM 1500 features, you can rely on our professionals. Right here we exhibit manifold charts and tables of content together with accurate details regarding the RAM 1500 hallmarks, specifically, their own dimensions. Motorists certainly have a lot of desires to fulfill - comfort, movability, painless parking process, productive fuel intake, and others. As a result, the dimensions of your RAM 1500 could become one of the primo aspects to think about while trying to select a brand new car. Well, we all know three dimensions that come with height metrics, width metrics, and length metrics. Firstly, the height of the RAM 1500 should be evaluated beginning with the bottom and finishing with the highest level. Width may be an all-important option for all those, who have a narrow carport because this dimension specifies the broadest parts of your RAM 1500 excluding car mirrors. The last one is the length metric of the RAM 1500 and so as to determine if a motorist should evaluate it from the rear part and ending with the front bumper and lay a device (for example, meterstick) on the ground to detect the precise statistics. Frequently, an ordinary vehicle length metric may lye between ten and eighteen ft. In closing, you could surely make the specifications of your RAM 1500 on your own, nonetheless, our company`s auto professionals have previously checked out the appropriate auto guides and official web pages so that you would effortlessly locate dimensions of almost any RAM 1500 in our tables.


What are the dimensions of a Dodge Ram truck?

Exterior Dimensions

Length: 228.9 inches. Width: 82.1 inches. Height: 77.6 inches. Box Size: 6 feet, 4 inches.

How long is a Dodge Ram 1500 short bed?

Guide to Ram 1500 Bed Lengths and Specs

The Ram 1500 is available with a pair of bed length options – a 5-foot, 7-inch short bed and a 6-foot, 4-inch long bed. The long bed provides drivers with 61.5 cubic feet of cargo space with a maximum length of 76.3 inches and can be paired with the Quad Cab or Crew Cab.

What are the inside dimensions of a Ram 1500 bed?

All-New Ram 1500 Truck Beds for Life in Norwalk

There are two RAM bed sizes for the new Ram 1500, but all beds are 66.4 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep.

How are Dodge Ram beds measured?

How To Measure Your Truck Bed

  • Place your measuring tape at the bulkhead of your truck bed.
  • Moving along your bed rail, extend the measuring tape to the inside edge of the top of your tailgate. Record the measurement in inches.
  • Divide the number of inches by 12 to determine the length of your truck bed in feet.
  • How long is a Ram 1500 truck in feet?

    The cab configurations available with this trim level are the crew cab and quad cab. Equipped with the 5.7-foot bed, the crew cab Ram 1500 is 232.9 inches long. Equipped with the 6.4-foot bed, the crew cab Ram 1500 is 241.8 inches long. Equipped with the 6.4-foot bed, the quad cab Ram 1500 is 228.9 inches long.

    What size bed does a 2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab have?

    You can choose between the 5-foot-7 or 6-foot-4 bed, depending on the space you need. The Crew Cab offers 40.9 inches of front headroom, 39.8 inches of rear headroom, 40.9 inches of front legroom, and 45.2 inches of rear legroom. Passenger volume also allows a very spacious 132.4 cubic feet.

    What is the difference between a Ram Quad Cab and Crew Cab?

    In a nutshell, the 2020 Ram 1500 Crew Cab has more interior room but a smaller standard cargo bed than a Quad Cab. Therefore, deciding between the two depends on your specific needs. The RAM 1500 Quad Cab is ideal for those who need to get serious work done and haul major cargo.

    How wide is the interior of a Dodge Ram?

    The 2021 Ram 2500 gives you a choice between two bed options starting with a standard 8-foot box. This box is 20.2 inches in depth, 98.3 inches in length, and 66.4 inches in width from bed wall to bed wall.

    Can you tell truck bed size by VIN number?

    You in fact can tell your truck bed size by using the VIN of your vehicle! Find the VIN by looking at the bottom drivers side of your windshield, or in the drivers side door jamb. Then contact a dealer for the make of your truck, and ask their parts department what bed size you have.

    How wide is a standard truck bed?

    The Standard Bed measures 82.25 inches in length, 21 inches in height and 50.55 inches in width. For the Long Bed model, you'll find a length of 98.27 inches, a height of 21 inches and a width of 50.55 inches.

    How can I tell if my Dodge Ram is a Quad Cab or Crew Cab?

    What's the Difference Between Ram's Quad and Crew Cab Body Styles?

  • Quad Cab, otherwise known as an extended cab, offers a small seating area aft of the front row.
  • Crew Cab includes more rear seat space.
  • Compared to the Quad Cab, the Ram 1500 Crew Cab offers 9.6 inches of additional rear-seat legroom.
  • Does the Ram 1500 come in a mega cab?

    While the Ram 1500 only comes in quad or crew cab, the heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 models start with a two-door regular cab, then to a crew cab, and finally to the Mega Cab. It's longer, with most of that dedicated to storage.

    What is a truck with half doors called?

    Regular Cab

    Note: 2004-2008 Ford regular cabs are unique because they have 1-2 additional small doors that open opposite the front doors, similar to the SuperCab.

    Which Ram truck has the biggest cab?

    The crew cab is the biggest truck cab on the Ram 1500 lineup and it has seating for six passengers, but there is a five passenger option for those who don't need the extra seat.

    What is Clubcab?

    In general automotive parlance, a club cab refers to any two-door truck with an extended cab. Club cabs might also be referred to as Extended Cab, Super Cab, King Cab, or Double Cab, depending on the manufacturer. A quad cab is a truck with an extended cab, two front doors, and two smaller doors in the rear.

    Are all truck bed widths the same?

    The width of the pickup truck bed will vary by model, but also by the length. Generally speaking, the longer the truck bed, the wider it will be. Pickup truck beds typically fall between 49" and 65."

    How deep is a truck bed?

    Truck beds are between 20 and 22.4 inches deep. Different make and model trucks will vary, but most are 21.4 inches deep. In this article, we will learn how deep a truck bed is.

    How do I know if my truck is a short bed?

    Typically, a long bed is 8 feet long, a standard bed is 6 feet 5 inches long, and a short bed is roughly 5 feet 8 inches long.
    For the most part, there are usually three different bed sizes for pickup trucks:

  • Short.
  • Standard.
  • Long.
  • What size truck bed is best?

    It really depends on how you plan to use your truck. If you do light hauling but mostly use it as a daily driver, you might benefit most from choosing a mid-sized pickup with a 5- or 6-FT box. If you need something a little more demanding, a full-sized truck with a 5.5- 6.5- or 8-FT bed might be best.