2021 RAM 1500 Owners Manual - STEERING WHEEL



This feature allows you to tilt the steering column upward or downward. It also allows you to lengthen or shorten the steering column. The tilt/telescoping lever is located on the steering column, below the multifunction lever.

Child Lock Control


Always use this device when carrying children.

To unlock the steering column, push the control

    When the Child-Protection Door Lock system is engaged, the door can be opened only by

After engaging the child lock on both rear doors, check for effective engagement by trying to

downward (toward the floor). To tilt the steering column, move the steering wheel upward or

downward as desired. To lengthen or shorten the steering column, pull the steering wheel outward or push it inward as desired. To lock the steering column in position, push the control upward until fully engaged.


The steering wheel contains a heating element that helps warm your hands in cold weather. The heated steering wheel has only one temperature setting. Once the heated steering wheel has been turned on, it will stay on until

the operator turns it off. The heated steering wheel may not turn on when it is already warm.

The heated steering wheel control button is located within the climate or controls screen of the touchscreen.

    Press the heated steering wheel button once to turn the heating element on.
    Press the heated steering wheel button a second time to turn the heating element off.

The engine must be running for the heated steering wheel to operate.

For information on use with the Remote Start system, see page 24.

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