2021 RAM 1500 Owners Manual - MIRRORS



The mirror head can be adjusted up, down, left, and right. The mirror should be adjusted to center on the view through the rear window.

Headlight glare from vehicles behind you can be reduced by moving the small control under the mirror to the night position (toward the rear of the vehicle). The mirror should be adjusted while set in the day position (toward the windshield).

Automatic Dimming Mirror — If Equipped The rearview mirror can be adjusted up, down, left, and right. The mirror should be adjusted to

center on the view through the rear window.

This mirror automatically adjusts for headlight glare from vehicles behind you.

The Automatic Dimming Mirror feature is disabled when the vehicle is in REVERSE to improve the driver’s rear view.

The Automatic Dimming feature can be turned on or off through the touchscreen.

Digital Rearview Mirror — If Equipped The Digital Rearview Mirror provides a high definition, wide and unobstructed view of the

road behind while driving.

To activate the Digital Rearview Mirror, push the on/off control lever on the bottom of the mirror forward.

1 — On/Off Control 2 — Menu Button

3 — Left Scroll Button 4 — Right Scroll Button

Push the menu button next to the on/off control to access the following mirror options:

    Brightness 2
    Pan (if equipped)

Use the left and right buttons to scroll through menu options.

When not in use, pull the on/off control back toward the steering wheel to return the mirror to the regular Automatic Dimming Mirror.

The Digital Rearview Mirror is not as effective during night time driving in low light applica- tions.

To access an illuminated vanity mirror, flip down one of the visors and lift the cover.

“Slide-On-Rod” Extender

Outside Mirrors Folding Feature

Lift Cover For Illuminated Mirror

“Slide-On-Rod” Features Of Sun Visor — If Equipped

The sun visor “Slide-On-Rod” feature allows for additional flexibility in positioning the sun visor to block out the sun.

    Fold down the sun visor.
    Unclip the visor from the corner clip.
    Pivot the sun visor toward the side window.
    Extend the sun visor for additional sun blockage.

The sun visor can also be extended while the sun visor is against the windshield for additional sun blockage through the front of the vehicle.


The outside mirror(s) can be adjusted to the center of the adjacent lane of traffic to achieve the optimal view.

If your vehicle is equipped with puddle lamps under the outside mirrors, they can be turned off through the Uconnect system page 237.

All outside mirrors are hinged and may be moved either forward or rearward to resist damage. The hinges have three detent positions:

    Full forward position
    Full rearward position
    Normal position


The driver’s outside mirror and if equipped, the passenger’s outside mirror, will automatically dim for glare from vehicles behind you. This feature is controlled by the inside automatic dimming mirror. The mirrors will automatically adjust for headlight glare when the inside mirror adjusts.


The power mirror switch is located on the driver's side door trim panel.

1 — Mirror Direction Control 2 — Right Mirror Selection 3 — Left Mirror Selection

The power mirror controls consist of mirror select buttons and a four-way mirror control switch. To adjust a mirror, push the mirror select button for the mirror that you want to adjust. Using the mirror control switch, push on any of the four arrows for the direction that you want the mirror to move.

Power mirror preselected positions can be controlled by the optional Driver Memory Settings feature page 32.


The power folding mirrors can be folded rearward and unfolded into the normal driving

The switch for the power folding mirrors is located between the power mirror switches

L (left) and R (right). Push the switch once and the mirrors will fold in, push the switch a second

time and the mirrors will return to the normal driving position.

If the mirror is manually folded after a powered cycle, a potential extra button push is required to get the mirrors back to the normal driving position. If the mirror does not fold automatically, check for ice or dirt build up at the pivot area, which can cause excessive drag.


You may need to reset the power folding mirrors if the following occurs:

    The mirrors are accidentally blocked while folding.
    The mirrors are accidentally manually folded/unfolded (by hand or by pushing the power folding mirror switch).
    The mirrors come out of the unfolded posi- tion.

Trailer Towing Position


These mirrors are heated to melt frost or ice. This feature will be activated whenever you turn on the rear window defroster (if equipped) page 60.


This feature provides automatic outside mirror positioning which will assist with the driver’s ground visibility. The outside mirrors will move

    The mirrors shake and vibrate at normal driving speeds.

To reset the power folding mirrors: Fold and unfold them by pushing the button (this may require multiple attempts). This resets them to their normal driving position.


These mirrors are designed with an adjustable mirror head to provide a greater vision range when towing extra-wide loads. To change position inboard or outboard, the mirror head should be rotated (flipped in or out).

Fold the trailer towing mirrors prior to entering an automated car wash.

A small blindspot mirror is located next to the main mirror and can be adjusted manually.

slightly downward from the present position when the vehicle is shifted into REVERSE. The outside mirrors will then return to the original position when the vehicle is shifted out of REVERSE. If the vehicle is equipped with Driver Memory Settings, this feature will be linked to the programmable settings.

The Tilt Side Mirrors In Reverse feature can be turned on and off using the Uconnect system page 237.

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