2021 RAM 1500 Owners Manual - IF YOUR ENGINE OVERHEATS


If the vehicle is overheating, it will need to be serviced by an authorized dealer.

In any of the following situations, you can reduce the potential for overheating by taking the appropriate action.

On the highways — slow down.

In city traffic — while stopped, place the trans- mission in NEUTRAL (N), but do not increase the engine idle speed while preventing vehicle motion with the brakes.

There are steps that you can take to slow down an impending overheat condition:


If your Air Conditioner (A/C) is on, turn it off.

The A/C system adds heat to the engine cooling system and turning the A/C off can help remove this heat.

You can also turn the temperature control to maximum heat, the mode control to floor and the blower control to high. This allows the heater core to act as a supplement to the radiator and aids in removing heat from the engine cooling system.

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